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Every course in the THBI Course Catalog is faithful to Scripture and doctrinally sound for all socially & morally conservative Biblical Christian Denominations.  
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THBI Degree Programs focus on three fields: Biblical Studies; Christian Ministries; Biblical Theology ... yet with much flexibility for students choosing courses of interest! 
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Self-study with Academic Assistance ... best describes the Live Study Consultant opportunity.  This invaluable service is part of the "All Inclusive Tuition" - - so you don't have to pay "extra" for the "extra" help you may need at times!
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Degree Study Programs

   Bachelor Degrees

120 Course Credits

    Master's Degrees

180 Course Credits (Total)

  Doctorate Degrees

240 Course Credits (Total)

  Progressive   Degree   Programs

Multi-Tiered Combined
Degree Study Programs

Live Study Consultants

The "Live Study Consultant" or "LSC" service is designed to benefit the "distance" ...or... "self-study" student with LIVE follow-up reviews of Course Exams for an enhanced learning experience!

The "LSC" also serves the student with vital advisory counsel in the required writing assignments and the all-important Term Papers and Graduate Thesis or Dissertations.

Student Resources

Many Distance Learning Bible Colleges charge tuition for the "courses" but then charge more money
textooks & exam grading fees ... but what are courses if not the textbooks and exams?  

With THBI, Tuition INCLUDES ALL Textbooks, Exam Grading, Academic Advisory (LSC Services), PLUS ...

Personal Library

Students Keep This Digital Library AFTER Graduation!

Over 200 Additional

These are in additional to the Main Student Library - - &
Students keep AFTER Graduation

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