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Standard Degree Programs

Degrees Offered
A degree is an academic title conferred by an institution of higher learning showing that a person has satisfactorily completed a particular program of study. The certificate is the actual document itself.

Degrees are progressive. One level is built on the preceding one, each level representing a higher work effort, and the equivalent of another year of study. The True Hope Bible Institute offers all five levels: Diploma, Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctor:

BACHELOR -- 120 credits minimum; some of our Bachelor Degrees will actually result in more credits being completed than the minimum.   Because this is a correspondence college and not a campus school; and because we are not a secular liberal arts college but strictly Bible/Ministry subjects, we do not require four years of full time study to attain these credits for this degree.

Sample Bachelor Degree Certificate
Sample Masters Degree Certificate
MASTERS -- (Bachelor Degree plus an additional 60 credits minimum) This represents the equivalent credits of one year of study beyond the Bachelor (again if you were to go to a secular campus college), but lower than the Doctorate, indicating that you have “mastered a subject.”

DOCTORAL --- (Master’s degree plus an additional 60 credits minimum) this academic title is awarded for the completion of advanced study and is the highest degree offered. It is the ultimate in the educational world, and has been a title of respect for learned persons since Biblical times, Luke 6:46.
Sample Doctoral Degree Certificate
It is important to note that the degrees offered by True Hope Bible Institute are not the same as those you would earn at a secular, academic or liberal arts school.
True Hope Bible Institute courses are strictly Christian and Bible specific studies that do not include “academic” curriculum such as “English”, “Science”, and “Mathematics” etc.

It is because of this that our students are able to earn our degrees in a much shorter time frame than a typical secular (or even a liberal arts Bible) college.

Although our degrees may be recognized by Christian Churches they may not necessarily be recognized or accepted in secular professional settings and while many do - no church group or ministry organization is required to recognize your THBI degree for their own needs or purposes.

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