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In addition to the Member's Scholarship Savings,
& the savings students enjoy by enrolling in one of the THBI Progressive Degree Programs ... 

The True Hope Bible Institute also offers 3 Additional, Special Situational Discounts to eligible students!

To qualify for one of these discounts ... an eligible student must request the Special Discount at the time of registering for enrollment.

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Graduate Students who desire an additional "Advanced Degree" may enroll for an additional, subsequent Graduate Degree Study Program for significantly reduced tuition! 

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Husbands & Wives who enroll at the same time for the same Degree Study Program may be eligible for significant discounts on tuition!

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Special Circumstances

Individuals who have special ministry or other life circumstances or who may be in disadvantaged life conditions may qualify to be granted a Special Tuition Discount.

PLEASE NOTE:  Only ONE Special Discount may be used per student; Special Discounts may not be combined with Member's Scholarship

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