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Our History

Who We Are
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The Ministry
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True Hope Ministries of America is a “Christian Ministry Support Fellowship” with the ultimate purpose of glorifying God through exalting Christ Jesus as Lord in the Church throughout America.

We believe that in this point of time it is essential that the servants and leaders of ministry unite for the common purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and to unite in such a fashion as to be HELPING ONE ANOTHER TO ACCOMPLISH WHAT GOD HAS CALLED EACH OF US TO DO!
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We believe that The Church should utilize every New Testament method, of not only proclaiming the Gospel of Salvation by faith in Christ Jesus to the people and communities of the world, but also to provide every possible means of educating, edifying, equipping and encouraging the saints of God whose purpose it is to present the Lord Jesus Christ to all humanity as mankind’s one and only True Hope.

True Hope Ministries of America was founded in January, 2014 - - with a history that extends back to 1993!
The Co-Founders, of what is today True Hope Ministries of America, Dr. Timothy Hoflund and Rev. James Boley were joined by other established and new servants and leaders in ministry to build a minister's fellowship that is truly mutually encouraging and supportive.

The ministry today was birthed through the start of a single House Church in Alma, Arkansas in 2002 named New Wine Family Church.

In 2008 Dr. Timothy and Rev. James met each other during a convention of a Ministry Fellowship in which both were members and from that introduction a definite “God Connection” became evident through which both a personal and ministry fellowship developed!  Over the years, it became evident that both men shared like visions and concerns for independent ministry leaders who need the mutual support and fellowship of other devoted “saints in service”.

Also in 2008, the members of New Wine Family Church were divinely directed to change the name of the church/ministry to True Hope Churches & Ministries.  The church members unanimously understood that the message of the name True Hope is what was most important:  The Lord Jesus Christ is mankind’s ONLY true hope!

In 2009, with the help of senior ministry leaders from different parts of the nation, and the aid of another correspondence Bible college who supported our vision, True Hope Bible Institute - a distance learning Bible College - was established in order to prepare ministry leaders for today’s generation.

From that time, not only students but pastors and others in ministry leadership began to contact Dr. Timothy Hoflund for insights, counsel and advice about ministry matters - - along with the private, personal challenges that face those in ministry leadership.

These developments were all aligned with what was foretold by a vision prophetically imparted to Timothy during a ministry trip to Ryazan Russia in 1993 whereby he was told in no uncertain terms that he would be ministering to the pastors. (Note:  At that time, Timothy could not even imagine himself in such a capacity, yet that message incessantly played in his memory throughout the following years, even those in which his own ministry activities were quite low!)

In 2012 it became apparent that the structure of the ministry known as True Hope Churches & Ministries was no longer suitable for what was evidently developing for our ministry and in 2013 a word was given through Rev. James Boley that our mission is to “Help Each Other Do What God Has Asked Us To Do” - - which again touches on the vision of 1993.

In mid 2013 the decision was made to replace True Hope Churches & Ministries with the new ministry fellowship - -  TRUE HOPE MINISTRIES OF AMERICA!

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