Ordination Studies

A Special Study Program For Students Who Are Preparing For Ecclesiastical Recognition & Service

This Special Study Program is specifically for those students who recognize the need for receiving Ministry Credentials in order to be a Ministry Leader whose Divine Ordination is Ecclesiastically Recognized.

The Ordination Study Program is an intensive, 14 month study course, which if successfully completed will 
result in the student being eligible to apply for Ordination Examination with True Hope Ministries of America.

Review the Documents linked below - - Complete the Worldview Assessment - - Review the Eligibility Requirements ... and before you register, it would be wise to discuss your intentions with your Pastor, Spouse, 
Family and Other Spiritual Advisors!  Their agreement and support is vital, for both:  Your succes in these studies and more importantly, your success in the service and leadership in the Lord's Ministry!

The Following is a brief review of the eligibility requirements that must be met in order to register for the True Hope Bible Institute Ordination Study Program.

  1. Be Born-Again

  2. Be Over 18 Years of Age

  3. Be Devoted to Jesus Christ as Lord!

  4. Be Loyal To Holy Christian Scriptures, God's Word

  5. Have a Biblical Worldview - - Minimum of Moderate Score

  6. Be Spiritually Minded

  7. Be A Member in Good Standing with True Hope Ministries of America

  8. Meet All Qualifications of Regular THBI Students

  9. Have the Endorsement & Support of Your Local Pastor for This Program

  10. Have the Agreement & Suport of your Spouse (if married) & Family

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of True Hope Ministries of America


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