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How To Enroll

Enrollment Info
Enrollment begins with REGISTRATION                                                                                                                                                              

Registration is your notice to our office that you desire to make application for student enrollment, and along with the registration notice, you are submitting a "Registration Deposit Fee" that enables us to begin generating your enrollment. The Registration Deposit Fee is deducted from your TOTAL TUITION leaving a NET TUITION due and payable upon submitting your enrollment application.
The following explains the Registration Process - -

Student Registration
  • Registration fees vary according to the degree program you wish to enroll for.
  • Registration fees are published in the “Fees & Tuitions” section.
  • Registration fees are in addition to the student’s tuition.
  • Registration begins the enrollment procedures - - upon receiving registration form and fee:
  1. Student File is created at the THBI office.
  2. Live Study Consultant is assigned to work with student.
  3. THBI mails “Enrollment Package” to the newly registered student.

The Student ENROLLMENT PROCESS                                                                                                                            
Student must complete and submit “Enrollment Application Package” within 60 days of submitting registration form and fee.

Enrollment Application Package contains:
  1. THBI Student Handbook
  2. THBI Course Catalog
  3. Student Application
  4. Tuition Payment Plan Agreement
  5. Admissions Exams Book
    a. Admissions Exams include a written exam that must be completed and returned with application
    b. Admissions Exams include an “on line” Biblical Worldview Exam that must be passed with a minimum
       level/grade of “Moderate Biblical Worldview”.
  6. Application Checklist
  7. Pre-addressed return envelopes
  8. Must be completed within 60 days of Enrollment Package mailing to be accepted.

Final Enrollment Processing
  • Student mails completed enrollment package to THBI which MUST INCLUDE either:  Tuition Payment in full - OR - Signed Tuition Payment Plan along with FIRST TUITION PAYMENT - IF no tuition THEN no processing.
  • THBI grades admissions exam
  • THBI accepts/rejects student enrollment
  • Upon acceptance, THBI mails “New Student Welcome Package”.

Enrollment Acceptance
Upon acceptance by THBI, a "New Student Welcome Package" is mailed to the student:
New Student Welcome Package includes:
  • Welcome letter & New Student Documentation
  • Digital Bible Resource Library
  • First Course Materials:  Books/study guides and/or course exams
  • Return envelope for Course Exam

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