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Honorary Doctoral Degree

Degrees Offered
As with many Bible Colleges, we offer an honorary doctoral degree program for those who have achieved in Christian Biblical Ministry a level of distinction that is worthy of being recognized in this manner.

Do not make the mistake of believing that you can simply take a “shortcut” and bypass the effort required to attain this level of achievement.  Honorary does not mean “easier” … in fact it is often a much greater price to pay in terms of the investment of effort and study gained through the course of life in the ministry to be recognized in this manner.

Honorary means “HONORED”.  We recognize that many in life have not had the opportunity to attend a Bible College, but that the Lord has indeed educated this person through personal Bible study, application in life and ministry and have much knowledge that can never be attained from “book study”!

Therefore, our “honorary” doctoral degree is more accurately an “equivalent degree granted with honor”.  However, this is not the customary and recognized nomenclature of colleges, therefore we are restricted to identifying ours as an “honorary” degree.  

To be honored with a THBI “equivalent” degree, one must indeed prove that such an honor is valid and the candidate is in fact qualified to be granted this degree!

An honorary doctoral degree is available to the person who meets our qualifications and successfully completes the evaluation process.

An honorary degree cannot be purchased from True Hope Bible Institute.

The honorary Doctoral Degrees we offer at this time are:
D.Evan. = Doctor of Evangelism
D.CM = Doctor of Christian Ministries
D.D. = Doctor of Divinity
D.Th = Doctor of Theology

To receive an honorary degree, the applicant must be able to prove his or her knowledge and experience.  An application, examination and written paper are all part of the process.

If you are a Pastor, Evangelist, or Leader of an active Christian ministry, True Hope Bible Institute may be able to grant you an Honorary Doctorial Degree on the basis of I Timothy 5:17, if you meet the following qualifications:
  • Must be at least 30 years old.
  • Produce evidence that you are a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel.
  • Verify that you have at least 10 years of full-time or part-time ministerial experience.
  • Secure the endorsements of two other licensed or ordained ministers or other prominent Church leaders.
  • Complete a Doctoral Application and Evaluation process which may be obtained by request to:
True Hope Bible Institute
P.O. Box 2474
Springfield, MO  65801
Attention:  Honorary Doctoral Program

Every applicant for Honorary Doctoral Degree must undergo an evaluation process which consists of at minimum:
  • Application: Submitting a proper and completed application form along with the documentation mentioned above.
  • Examinations:  Worldview Assessment Examination; Passing multiple Bible knowledge examinations, both general and in the field for which you are a candidate
  • Thesis: Submitting a Doctoral Thesis dealing with a topic within the field of ministry for which you are seeking the Doctoral Degree.
      • Thesis requirements are exactly the same as an earned Doctoral Degree - - see Appendix B in the current THBI Student Handbook
  • Interview:  Upon acceptance of your application and concurrent with the time you are taking the exam and preparing your thesis, we will spend time interviewing you to help us establish a relationship that will help us to verify and validate your eligibility for this degree.

Upon successful completion of your Application and Evaluation process, you will be awarded the Honorary Doctoral Degree for which you have applied.


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