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Fields of Study Offered

Degrees Offered
In 2017 THBI has restructured the General Fields of Study available for our degree programs.  

This is due to several factors:  
  • Historic student interest & enrollment;
  • Many of the fields of study overlap;
  • To better align the mission focus of the school with that of the ministry mission focus of True Hope Ministries of America.

Therefore, the General Fields of Study are now limited to the following:

  • BIBLICAL STUDIES -- the study of major Scriptural themes and the main topics of the Sacred Scriptures. Courses dealing with various doctrines of the Word of God; that which is devoted to the fundamental beliefs of the Holy Bible.

  • CHRISTIAN MINISTRY -- general instructions in Christianity and the study of the doctrines of Christ. Training in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the development of Christian Character.  

  • THEOLOGY-- the study of God and the expounding of Christology; Courses dealing with the relationship between God and the universe and man; the cultivation of the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity.

Declared Emphasis:

Within the “General Degree” field of study, a student may declare his/her “Emphasis” such as “Pastoral” or “Evangelical” and their degree certificate will state (for example):  “Bachelor in Christian Ministry with Pastoral Emphasis”

Qualifications for the declared emphasis will be met through the elective study courses that will match up with the declared emphasis within the "General field of studies.

Examples of Degree Certificate Wording would include both the General Field of Study and, if applicable, the student's special emphasis, such as:

  • Bachelor of Biblical Studies
    with Emphasis on Christian Doctrine

  • Bachelor of Christian Ministry
    with Emphasis on Pastoral Ministry

We believe this will ultimately give the student greater freedom to focus on the area of ministry service he or she believes is God's will for their ministry service.

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