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Fees & Tuitions

Enrollment Info
  • Registration Fees are PER DEGREE PROGRAM - - not per semester or school year!
    This alone will save students a tremendous amount of money as many schools require students re-register each semester - - that's at least 8 Registrations for a 4 year Bachelor Degree Program!
  • All students must pay a one-time Registration Fee for each degree program being enrolled in.
    Students ONLY pay a one time Registration Fee - - again, not for each semester or each course - - saving you significant sums of money!
  • Upon completing a Bachelors Degree, the student must pay a registration fee if he/she wishes to enroll in the Masters Degree Program, and likewise for the Doctoral Degree Program.
    • NOTE:  Students who choose to enroll in a Multi-Tier or Complete Degree Program will only pay a single Registration fee that covers all degree programs included in that specific program.
  • Registration Fee covers initial costs of establishing the student’s records, transcripts, postage and handling and administrative costs.
  • Registration Fees are NOT refundable after the “Reconsideration Period” of 3 business days.

  • Tuition is the actual costs for being a student in a degree (or other study) program with the True Hope Bible Institute of True Hope Ministries of America.
  • Tuition is based on the level of degree for which you are studying - - NOT on a per course basis.
    Again, you will enjoy significant savin
  • Tuition is ALL INCLUSIVE - - meaning that the tuition you pay includes all required curriculum, all elective curriculum, all required resources (digital Bible Reference Library) and the services of the Live Study Consultant assigned to you, whether or not you choose to utilize these services.
    • Tuition DOES NOT INCLUDE:  Postage/shipping costs incurred by the students; Supplemental study texts or curriculum; Course Fees beyond the necessary study courses to complete the student’s chosen degree program; Any other extemporaneous materials or services.
  • Tuition may be paid in full in advance OR may be paid by installments as offered by one of the THBI Tuition Payment Plans.

The goal of The True Hope Bible Institute is to provide students with the finest Biblical education, at the lowest possible cost.  Our total costs for a Doctors Degree are $100’s (and in many cases, $1,000’s) lower than most schools’ fees for a Bachelors Degree!

Why should a school charge more than is necessary for its regular operation and reasonable growth projections?  The cost of a degree or the amount of time involved does not necessarily increase the quality of education.  So, why pay an exorbitant fee for the very same degree that you can get elsewhere for much less money?  

Any time you’re going to spend money, especially a significant investment; you should shop around and compare prices.  Thus, we have deliberately priced our degrees very low, because we desire to serve more students with an excellent foundational education at a modest investment rather than huge costs!
(25% Discount)
(30% Discount)
(30% Discount)
 See Available Tuition Payment Plans - - CLICK HERE
NOTE:  The FIRST degree that must be earned is a Bachelor degree (or have a qualifying Bible studies Bachelor Degree from an accepted college) before progressing to the next degree levels.
*Single Graduate Degree Programs are for the students who already have their Bachelors Degrees and are ready to attain his/her Masters Degree; or already have both Bachelor and Masters degrees and are ready to earn their Doctoral degree.
**Multi-Tier Degree Programs are for students who desire to earn Bachelor and Masters or Bachelor through Doctoral degrees in a combined program in their chosen field of study.  
The True Hope Bible Institute offers one of the best investments you will ever have available to you. Because not only are our fees and tuitions very affordable, we offer an interest free payment plan and finally - - all required books and resources are included in the tuition!

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