The THBI Enrollment Process

The Enrollment Process to become a student of the True Hope Bible Institute is neither, complicated or expensive!

The Steps of Enrollment and Tuition Payment - Even Special Discounts - Are Shown Below 
Beginning With Determining if You Are Eligible ...










Info & Registration


Eligibility Requirements

These Are The Minimum Requirements to be Eligible to Register For Enrollment:
1 - - Be Born Again ... This is a school to prepare one for service/leadership in
        Christian Ministry
2 - - Be 18 years of age.
3 - - Be a High School Graduate or have a High School Equivalency Credential
4 - - Have a moderate (or higher) Biblical Christian Worldview  - What's Yours? 
5 - - Be financially able to meet the modest terms for tuition and fees.
6 - - Agree to abide by the THBI Standards of Conduct. 

To be Admitted as an Enrolled Student, the Applicant must meet all qualification
To review the Eligibility & Qualification Requirements Policy - - click here

Fees, Tuitions & Payment Plans

For Students of Regular Degree Programs

The Full Tuition Amount of a Degree Study Program is divided into two parts:
1 - - The Registration Fee is actually part of the Tuition, and serves as a deposit leaving
          a "Net Tuition" balance;
2 - - Net Tuition is the "Balance Due" after the initial Registration Deposit has been paid.

Registration For Enrollment

For Regular Degree Program Students

Registration is a Three-Part Process and is the First Step in the Student Enrollment Procedures.
Part One:  PRE-QUALIFICATION - - Students are encouraged to take the Worldview Assessment BEFORE submitting their Registration Fees
                                                                or Forms.  If your assessment scores below 65% Christian Worldview, you will not be accepted into the
                                                                True Hope Bible Institute.  Therefore, we do not want you to risk losing your Registration Fee which must
                                                                be submitted with or prior to submitting your Registration Form.

Part Two:  REGISTRATION FEE PAYMENT - - Applicants MUST submit the correct Registration Fees in order for their Registrations to be
                                                                                 processed.  Registration Forms without payment are not processed and are discarded after
                                                                                 24 hours.

Part Three:  REGISTRATION FORM - - Applicants must submit a fully completed Registration Form either with or after their Registration Fees.

Applications to Enrollment

For Regular Degree Program Students

Applications for Student Enrollment are sent to Applicants, usually within 10 days after the Registration has been completed*.
*Completion = Registration Fee paid; Registration Form submitted; 3 Day Reconsideration Period has concluded.

Scholarship Opportunities

For Regular Degree Program Students

Scholarship Opportunitites are available for existing Members of the True Hope Ministries of America Fellowship!

Learn about True Hope Ministries of America, How to become a General Member, and how to Apply for a Scholarship!

If you are interested in a Member's Scholarship, you must apply for and be accepted as a member of THMA before you begin the enrollment process with THBI.

Honorary Doctoral Degrees

For Qualified, Eligible Ministry Leaders

Many Pastors, Evangelists and other Ministry Leaders have been faithfully serving in their Divinely Designated ministry field for many years, and for those many years they have been just as diligent in their Scripture Studies, learning and applying what God says about life as HIs children in this sin-darkened world!

You may be one of these faithful Ministry Leaders  who may have a Bachelor's Degree, or even a Master's Degree in some area of Biblical studies ... or perhaps you never had the opportunity or financial means to enroll in a Bible college - - campus or distance learning - - but your practical life experience and diligent Biblical studies have resulted in a level of excellence that is recognizable!

THBI offers "Honorary Doctoral Degrees" for those eligible Ministry Leaders who can meet our qualifications and exhibit their practical knowledge of Scripture on a level of excellence worthy of a doctoral degree!  Honorary Degrees cannot be purchased, nor are they awarded in exchange for a financial donation to our ministry or college ... 

Honorary Degrees are awarded based on serious, peer review evaluation of your levels of excellence both in Bible Understanding and Ministerial Reputation & Accomplishments ... 

If you are in this category of ministry leaders, whether Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, Missions Minister, or other field of ministry, you are encouraged to consider becoming a candidate for an Honorary Doctorate from the True Hope Bible Institute!

Ordination Studies

For Regular Degree Program Students

This Special Study Program is specifically for those students who need to receive their Ministry Credentials, becoming a Ministry Leader whose Divine Ordination is Ecclesiastically Recognized.

The Ordination Study Program is an intensive, 14 month study course, which if successfully completed will 
result in the student being eligible to apply for Ordination Examination with True Hope Ministries of America.

Special Discounts 

For Regular Degree Program Students

Students in qualifying situations may be eligible for one of our Special Discounts!

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