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THBI was established in 2009, as an extension of True Hope Churches & Ministries.  We enrolled our first students after receiving our accreditation in September of 2009.

THBI is strictly a Distance Learning Bible College.  We were designed and established to serve those students who, for a variety of reasons, are not able to attend a campus college.  

Primarily because we are strictly a "Distance Learning" Bible College!  

This results in a number of factors that make a low tuition possible:
*No "Campus" related expenses such as:  Buildings & grounds maintenance; high
  utility bills or mortgage payments 
*No Support Staff salaries to pay along with the required payroll taxes!
*No Large Faculty with large salaries

Our point of view is this:  If we don't have to pay for these expenses, why charge the high tuition that a campus college's distance learning department charges?

THBI is strictly an Ecclesiastical Educational College, as such we do not offer "Degrees in Arts", "Degrees in Sciences", " Degrees in Humanities", etc., By the U.S. Constitution, the state educational agencies have no say as to what courses a strictly "Religious College" must teach or offer.

The curriculum selections offered by THBI comes from several different publishers.
The publishers we use are spiritually conservative and Biblically faithful who are well established in producing Bible study courses which are compatible with all Biblical Christian denominations and fellowships.

Yes.  Information about our accreditation is found in our website on the Home Page, "About the True Hope Bible Institute" section.  Click Here

Live Study Consultant ... "LSC" for short!

The Live Study Consultant is just that, a LIVE Consultant who ...
*Reviews course exam questions, giving focused instruction on key or vital questions
  answered incorrectly.
*Consulting students about their "Required Written Assignments" when needed.

*Advises students about Policies & Practices when necessary.

The LSC service is included in a student's tuition so their academic/advisory services are at no further costs.

No.  The True Hope Bible Institute is an Ecclesiastical Educational College, not an Ecclesiastical Authority Body.

If you are seeking ordination, you may be eligible to receive Ordination Credentials through our parent ministry, True Hope Ministries of America which IS an Ecclesiastical Authority Fellowship (Body).

THBI offers an Ordination Study Course that prepares the student for the Ordination Process of True Hope Ministries of America as well as some Biblical Christian Denominations (except for specific denominational doctrinal education).

To learn more about ordination and/or the Ordination Study Program, click here

For two primary reasons:

1)  Students with a weak or non-Biblical Worldview will, most likely, simply not
       pass our courses!
2)  Students with a weak or non-Biblical Worldview will spend time debating
       and arguing with the LSC or Leadership, trying to prove they are "right"
       instead of trying to learn the course material.

If a prospective student desires to begin building a strong Biblical Worldview, the leadership team of True Hope Ministries of America will most gladly refer him or her to excellent ministries that offer Biblical Worldview instruction.

We don't believe one should enter into the bondage of debt in order to gain a Biblically Christian Ministry education!
Once you graduate THBI, your focus should be on fulfilling the Ministry Role in which God has called you to serve and lead ... not on trying to find a position that pays enough to make the "Student Loan Payments" in addition to meeting your living expenses!

HOWEVER - - We do offer affordable Tuition Payment Plans that have no financing charges, that are interest free, that are not a contract and are not a loan!
You'll find information about this on the "Enrollment Info" page - - click here


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