THBI Degree Programs

From the THBI Bachelor Degrees through our Doctoral Degrees ...
Each Degree Is The Result of a Thourough STUDY PROGRAM!

Students earn their degrees through our Designated Degree Study Programs ...
 Yet each student has the individual flexibility to select Elective Courses
Based on his/her own special interests to complete the studies of their chosen Degree Program.

Details of each Degree Study Program are given here so that you will know
What courses of study are required for the degree you are interested in.

Details on Elective Courses can be reviewed in the THBI COURSE CATALOG

A Few Words
About Expectations

What are realistic expectations that a student should have about the Distance Learning Programs of the True Hope Bible Institute?

What are the realistic expectations that THBI should have about the STUDENTS who have enrolled? 

The key to both of these questions are:  REALISTIC!

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Degree Program Details

Review the THBI Degree Study Programs In Detail 

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Progressive Degree Programs

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Bachelor Degrees

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Master's Degrees

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Doctoral Degrees

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All Degree Programs 

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Special Programs

There are two "Special Degree" opportunities for eligible students who then meet the qualifications, these are:
- - The THBI Honorary Doctoral Degree
- - The THBI Ordination Study Program
To learn more about these special opportunities ... click on the corresponding buttons below ... 

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